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Previewing in a Browser

This is one of the most important things that you can learn in FrontPage!

Go to File > Preview in Browser.

When you first do this, you'll probably only have Internet Explorer listed. If you want to add other browsers (Netscape or Opera), you'll have to install the browser, then click the "Add" button and find the program file.

Choose the browser you want to use. You can also choose what screen resolution to view the page at. For example, if you have a  1024x768 monitor but want to see what your site would look like in an 800x600 monitor, select the 800 x 600 option and FrontPage will automatically resize your browser window to the correct dimension.

Click Preview. Your web page will appear in a browser window!

Tip! Keep this browser window open. As you make changes to your site, be sure to save often, go back to the browser window and refresh it to view your changes. Building your site in this back-and-forth manner will save you a lot of time later because you catch your mistakes as you make them!

Tip! To switch back and forth quickly between FrontPage and your browser window, hit Alt-tab.

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