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Paragraphs and Line Breaks (and other shortcuts)

By now you've probably realized that as you type and insert carriage returns (hitting the "Enter" key), FrontPage automatically puts a "double space" between your paragraphs.

If you're new to the world of web design, this is probably a little unexpected for you. Word processors only put "single spaces" between carriage returns -- why does FrontPage put "double spaces"?

Well, it's not just FrontPage -- it's just how the web works, and you'll have to accept it. For a longer explanation, wait for our HTML introduction article. For now, just know that web browsers will always put a "double space" between your paragraphs (unless you get really advanced and use stylesheets).

If you want to insert a single line break,
like this,
you can easily do this in FrontPage by typing Shift-Enter (or going to Insert > Line Break). See below for more keyboard shortcuts.

Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts and Right-Clicking

Getting to know FrontPage's keyboard shortcuts and right-clicking will help you to be more efficient. Right-click to quickly access table, cell, picture, theme, or page properties. Right-clicking on an object (navigation bar, picture, table, etc.) will generally allow you to access the properties. Here are a few of the keyboard shortcuts we use most often:

Line Break Shift-Enter
Picture Properties Click on picture, then type Alt-Enter (or right-click)
Hyperlink Highlight the word or graphic and type Control-K
Navigation Bar Properties Click on navigation bar, then type Alt-Enter (or right-click)
Inserting a row at the end of a table While you are in the last cell, type Tab and a new row will automatically be inserted.
Select everything on the page Control-A
Undo Control-Z
Redo Control-Y
Save Control-S
Switch between open files Control-Tab
Refresh page (helpful after saving files) F5 (also works in browser)
Copy Control-C
Paste Control-V
Bold Control-B
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