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Inserting Hyperlinks

If you are typing a url such as "" and "," or an email address like ","FrontPage will usually automatically create a hyperlink out of it. However, you can also create hyperlinks out of words, phrases or images. (Previous tutorials covered how to make parts of images into hyperlinks; this tutorial helps you to make the entire graphic a hyperlink.)

  1. Select/highlight the word, phrase, or graphic that you wish to hyperlink. Then go to Insert/Hyperlink or click the "Insert Hyperlink" button on the toolbar.

  2. The "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box will appear.

    • Click the buttons on the left to link to a web page, a bookmark, a new page, or an email address.
    • Or, browse your current web or the internet to find the page you want to link to, or simply type in the url or pathname.
    • Click "Target Frame" to specify if you want your link to open up in the same window, a new window, or a specific frame (if your web uses frames).
  3. After specifying your link parameters, click "OK." You may always right-click on your link and select "Hyperlink Properties" to change them.

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