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Get Started with a Web Template - Make a New Web

If you're a new FrontPage user, you'll need to realize that the files you downloaded and installed are not in themselves a "web site" or "web." Instead, they are template files that FrontPage uses to create a new web for you. This means that you can make as many web sites as you want from one web template!

Do not try opening the files you downloaded directly with FrontPage. Instead, follow these steps to make a new web:

1. In FrontPage, go to File > New > Page or Web. (FP2000 users: Go to File > New > Page.)


2. On the taskbar to the right, choose "Web Site Templates." (FP2000 users will not need this step.)

Choose Web Site Templates

3. Choose the web template you wish to use.

Specify the location where you want to publish your new web. This may be a local folder on your hard drive (for example, C:\My Documents\My Webs\myNewWeb), or you may publish directly to your server to create a new web (

Select Web Template

4. Click OK to create your new web, and sit back and wait while FrontPage builds a new web from the web template!

5. At this point, preview your web in a browser to see what it looks like.

Next: Add and delete pages from your web.

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