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Editing Navigation/Link Bars

Editing Link Bars depends on what kind of link bar it is.

Editing a Custom Link Bar or Back/Next Link Bar

  1. Right-click on the link bar and go to Link Bar Properties.

  2. To add a link to the link bar, click Add Link. To remove a link, select it from the list of Links and click Remove Link. To modify the text that a link displays, or to change the page that it links to, click Modify Link. To change the order of links, select the link and click the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

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Editing a Link Bar based on your nav structure

Navigation bars are generated by FrontPage based on your Navigation Structure. If you want to change text on a button, add more buttons to a navigation bar, or delete buttons from a navigation bar, you will need to go to Navigation View and edit your Navigation Structure.

You may first want to read about Navigation View to get familiar with terminology.

  1. Go to Navigation View.
  2. To change the text on the buttons, you will need to change the Page Title. Right-click on the page you want to change in your Navigation Structure and choose "Rename." Type in the new page name.

    Note: If you are making a significant change, you may also want to change the File Name. You can do this in the Folders View. Change the "pagename.htm" file name to better match your Page Title, making sure to keep the .htm extension and keeping the file name one word with no spaces or special characters.

  3. To remove a button from a bar, you will need to remove the page from that area of the navigation structure. Either drag the page to a different area of the navigation structure, or right-click and delete the page from the navigation struture.
  4. To change the order of buttons on a bar, simply move the pages in your navigation structure from one place to another.
  5. To add a new button to a bar, you will need to have a "new page" that you've created in your Folder List. Drag the page from the folder list over to the navigation structure and add it to the area of the nav structure that defines the navigation bar.

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