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Building a Web Site: Rough cost estimates

(as of April 2004)
You may want to come back to this page as you read the rest of this series, but here's a broad, very general overview of the costs that may be involved. This does not include search engine submission, marketing, or "bells and whistles" like Flash intros or special features.

  • Web editor (you will choose one)
    • FrontPage - about $170
    • Dreamweaver - about $400
    • TextPad - about $27
    • NotePad - free
  • Image editor (you will choose one)
    • Photoshop Elements - about $100
    • Paint Shop Pro - about $100
    • PhotoImpact - about $80
  • FTP client (needed only if you are using TextPad or NotePad)
    • CuteFTP - about $40
    • FTP Voyager - about $40
    • WS_FTP Pro - about $40
    • Windows Explorer - free
  • Web template (if you don't want to start from scratch) - prices start at FREE and can go up to $100 for a web site starter template.
  • Registering domain name (sometimes this is included with hosting company packages) - between $9-$30/year.  Do your shopping!
  • Hosting - Between $10-$25/month (for low-level hosting). May include a setup fee.  Or you can go with companies that give you lots of space for a yearly fee.  Ready Hosting charges $100 a year for 500 mgb, that is less than $9 a month.
  • Stock photographs or illustrations - from FREE to $30-$149 per image (royalty free for web)
  • Ecommerce (if you want to sell products online. There are two major options.)
    • Using PayPal - FREE to set up, they take a percentage from each sale.
    • Setting up a merchant account - Application fee of $50-$300; monthly fees and transaction fees apply (probably will be between $30-$50/month). This may or may not include a gateway fee. You may also need to obtain a third-party shopping cart, which can be up to $200+.

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