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Server Issues

If your web looks fine in FrontPage, but either acts differently or has some components that don't work on the server, then you are probably running into server issues.

Listed here are some common server issues:

  • Your local web looks fine, but the web on your server is missing navigation bars or the theme doesn't seem to be applying correctly.
  • Your "live" web looks fine in FrontPage, but not in a browser.
  • You used the FrontPage image editing tools to overlay text on some images, and they look corrupted after publishing to your live web.
  • When you try to create a new web directly on the server, or when you try to publish, you get an error.

First, get a local web (a web on your computer) to look the way you want it to, making sure that navigation bars, etc., are working properly.

From that point, publish to your server. If your web on the server is having issues, then you'll know that it's a problem with the server.

At this point, you will need to contact your ISP. In most cases, having them reapply the FrontPage extensions to your web and republishing your web (being sure to replace all files) will fix it. (Note: The extensions are applied separately to each domain. Even if you have a different web on the same server that works fine, it's possible that you need to reapply the extensions on the web that has problems.)

If you are getting an error when you try to publish or create a new web directly on the server, you may be running into "permissions" problems. Contact your ISP and make sure that you have access to the necessary folders. For example, if you're getting an error that you "cannot create file ... myweb\_vti_pvt\page.cnf", make sure that you have permissions for the _vti_pvt folder.

Some FrontPage server issues can be a little trickier. Occasionally you may have to ask your ISP to completely delete everything from your folder on the server, then try republishing. This often happens if you are having problems with navigation bar images being corrupted or images that you've overlaid with text being corrupted.

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